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Neighborhood Mini Libraries

United Way has recently purchased new Sharing Library boxes for ‘borrow, take or give’ neighborhood book boxes to encourage reading for all ages.


Regardless of age, gender, or economic status, people sometimes need help for themselves or someone they care about. For those times, dial 2-1-1 any time day or night and be connected with call specialists that can identify services such as counseling, food, shelter, job training, or health care assistance. 2-1-1 is a free, confidential information and referral phone line connecting community members with valuable health and human services.

FamilyWize Prescription Discount Cards

United Way partners with FamilyWize to deliver savings by distributing free prescription drug discount cards. These pharmacy discount cards are provided free of charge both to the organizations and agencies helping to distribute the drug cards and to the people who receive the cards.


BenefitKitchen is a website/app that you can use to learn about 18 federal, state, and local benefits. It helps residents learn their eligibility for benefits including, utility assistance, tax credits, and more. The screening is free, and they don’t ask you for your name, address, or SSN.

Making or updating your will is easier than you might imagine. The United Way of Wilson County and the Upper Cumberland (UWWUC) has partnered with to give you a free, uncomplicated way to write your will in about 20 minutes. This service will lead you through the steps of preparing a simple will. All you will need to do is have it notarized. If your estate is more complex, you can use the document as the foundation for a meeting with your estate attorney, saving you extra time and expense. When utilizing the service, you can specify that you would like to leave a gift to UWWUC – but the service is free whether you do so or not. 

Visit www.freewill/unitedway to create your free will today. 

Call us for more information (615) 443-1871☎